Welcome to CrossFit Devils Path, our gym is unlike any other gym, you will NOT find rows of treadmills or weights machines, you will NOT be left to fend for yourself and wander aimlessly around. What you will find is a space with the best equipment, coaches and members to make you into the best version of you.


Our WOD (workout of the day) changes daily and we make use of various items such as pull up frames, plyo-boxes, medicine balls, slam balls, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and of course YOU, in a wide array of functional exercises ( functional just means moving your body in a way that mimics your day to day movements).


At CrossFit Devils Path we are leading a revelation in fitness, the way you perceive health and wellness and want to excite and rejuvenate from the impersonal service received at a corporate gymnasium. We will challenge your body and mind, whilst transforming your body’s composition.

In a few short weeks you will be capable of performing what you now think is impossible.



We’re family here at CrossFit Devils Path


CrossFit Devil’s Path hosts CrossFit for kids. 

Do you want your children to be active and have fun at the same time?


If you are new to CrossFit take a look here. 


DP Lair is our dedicated Open Gym and Strength and Conditioning facility.


Available to everyone, you'll find it under the Open Gym membership.

Crossfit Devils Path


07730 521545

Unit 1, Warlingham Court Farm,

Tithepit Shaw Lane,

Warlingham, CR6 9AT

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