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Olympic lifting

First, what is Olympic Weightlifting? Olympic weightlifting is comprised of two lifts; the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. In the snatch, a barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead in one smooth movement. In the Clean & Jerk, a barbell is lifted from the ground to the shoulder and then overhead in a locked out position. These lifts test for explosive and functional strength. During these lifts the body is working as a whole, the body is not separated into parts and pieces. The Olympic lifts are inherently technical, dynamic and fast.



Olympic lifting classes in Surrey

The Oly lifting class is held on a Tuesday evening for 1 ½ hours.


The class is made up of members who are new to CrossFit and Olympic lifting or those who have been members for a while. Everybody that attends has one goal in mind and that is to improve the mechanics of two fundamental lifts the ‘Clean and Jerk’ and the ‘Snatch’.


The class follows an 8 week training plan that is intended to focus on the mechanics of the lift alongside complimentary exercises and movement. At the end of the 8 weeks everybody has an attempt at setting or improving their 1 Rep Max in both these lifts.


The classes are great fun, it’s not about constantly lifting heavy weights but making the body stronger and more efficient in its movement so that you have the confidence to lift well consistently.


*Open to Non CF Members

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