At CFDP we have done our research into what our members need, we understand that for many of us, with work, family commitments etc, we have to find a way around them to fit training in, with that in mind when the unit behind us became available in summer 2018, we just had to have it, after a lot of red tape and even more hard work to completely rebuild the area,  finally in May 2019 we were able to bring you a dedicated Open Gym space which we have named DP Lair ( Devils Path Lair)

Of course, we had to make sure we equipped DP Lair with not only the best quality, but also a brand that is second to none, therefore the decision was easy and our partnership with Eleiko was formed.


With over 2000kg of weight, plus racks, bars, sleds and let’s not forget the conditioning equipment, no matter if you strength train, love some Hiit, want to do a circuit or follow your own CrossFit programme or just like an hour away from the home chaos, you’re in the right place to excel.

DP Lair is open during our main operating hours. Open gym also allows use of the Crossfit space outside class times.

You’ll find there are a couple of classes like CF Kids take and CFDP Fundamentals take place in DP Lair on a Monday and Wednesday, they are reflected on the schedule, so make sure you take a look and plan your workouts in!


Take a look at some images of DP Lair below and GET IN TOUCH or SIGN UP